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Reshape Your Gummy Smile with Crown Lengthening
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Does Your Smile Show More Gums Than Teeth?

Crown Lengthening is Easy, Safe and Effective

When you smile in photographs or laugh in front of your friends, does more of your gum tissue show than teeth? “Gummy smiles” occur when excessive gum tissue covers a portion of your tooth enamel, making your teeth look short or uneven. You may even find that your gumlines seem to become more problematic during pregnancy or while taking specific types of prescription medications. Fortunately, crown lengthening is a safe and effective cosmetic dentistry procedure to recontour your gumlines for a fuller looking smile. The more of your healthy tooth surface that is exposed, the fuller and brighter your teeth will look!

Advantages Of A Gummy Smile Treatment

  • More even gumline
  • Fuller looking teeth
  • Gentle and safe
  • Fast recovery
  • Instant results
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Laser Crown Lengthening

Anytime we adjust the contours of the gum tissue to bring them further down the surface of a tooth, it’s referred to as crown lengthening. While this measure is an effective cosmetic dentistry solution for gummy smiles, it’s also needed if a tooth requires a crown, but not enough healthy structure is visible. By lowering the gum margin, the tooth can support a full coverage restoration instead of having to be extracted. Since our crown lengthening procedures are completed with a soft tissue laser, you can expect immediate results with very little discomfort (if any at all.) Lasers eliminate swelling and bleeding, for a faster recovery of your cosmetic dentistry procedure.

Want to “Sleep” Through It? That’s OK Too!

As experienced sedation dentistry providers, our Bridgeville, PA patients can enjoy added comfort during any procedure, whether it be crown lengthening or a more complex cosmetic dentistry appointment. Thanks to relaxation options, it’s possible to complete multiple procedures during a single visit. If you tend to feel anxious about going to the dentist or severe phobia has kept you out of a dental office for years, we’re here to help!

Dr DiBartola trating a patient in the chair with sedation dentistry Bridgeville PA

Say Goodbye to Your Gummy Smile

Correct your uneven gumlines in one simple laser dentistry treatment. Schedule your consultation today to find out which cosmetic dentistry option is right for you.