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Custom Ceramic Dental Crowns and Bridges

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Cosmetic Dentistry Restorations Strengthen Your Smile

When you’ve suffered from extensive tooth decay, broken teeth, or recently gotten an implant to replace a missing tooth, a dental crown is the tooth colored restoration that covers the part of your tooth/implant visible above the gums. Dental crowns provide a two-fold service: protecting the underlying tooth against additional damage while also restoring your smile’s aesthetic appearance. Our Bridgeville, PA practice is happy to provide digitally advanced technology that allows us to provide single visit (same day) dental crowns to our patients, eliminating the need to make a second appointment. In contrast, dental bridges are used when a tooth needs to be replaced altogether. Resembling multiple crowns bonded side-by-side, bridges are anchored on top of healthy teeth or implants that are adjacent to the missing tooth. The suspended crown fills in the space or gap caused by tooth loss.

Same Day Dental Crowns

  • Completed in one appointment instead of two
  • Enjoy the added comfort of sedation dentistry
  • Perfect for dental implant and root canal patients
  • Less time off work
  • No gooey impressions
  • Digitally designed (no room for human error!)

When Would You Need a Crown or Bridge?

Severe tooth decay or accidents can leave behind significant dental damage. Dental crowns are made to cover and protect the tooth structure that’s left behind, when a small filling isn’t appropriate.

Endodontic therapy removes the vital nerve supply to a tooth, so that it doesn’t need to be extracted. But it can make the enamel more brittle, so putting a dental crown on top of it is usually the best way to protect your smile.

Dental bridges are a traditional and reliable way to fill in the gaps caused by missing teeth. However, they require healthy teeth or implants on each side of the space in order to be successful.

Implants are the artificial “roots” set within the bone, but they do not include the restoration on top. A dental crown or bridge is attached to the implant via an abutment, for functional and aesthetic purposes.

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The Crowns and Bridges Treatment Process

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Anxious? Ask About Our Sedation Options

We’ve been providing sedation dentistry for over a decade. If you prefer to feel like you’re sleeping during your next appointment, then sedation may be your best option. We recommend relaxation services to our patients that tend to suffer from dental anxiety or phobia, especially when we’re able to complete same day services like single visit dental crowns.

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