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What factors go into determining the total price when it comes to your dental implant costs?

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Factors that affect dental implant cost

Budgeting for Your Dental Implant Procedure

Every smile reconstruction case is unique. Whether you only have one missing tooth or are looking at a full-arch implant supported denture, your individual dental implant cost will not be the same as your neighbor’s. Our Bridgeville, PA implant providers will discuss any underlying issues or additional procedures to keep in mind when determining your dental implant cost. In fact, we provide you with an individual treatment plan outlining all fees and services prior to you even beginning treatment. Don’t assume that you’ll need an individual implant for each tooth that is missing. Many of our sedation dentistry patients choose to have all of their teeth replaced at one time, and we may only need as few as 2-4 implants per full-arch prosthesis. Dental implant costs are an extremely unique situation that can only be determined after personally meeting with our implant provider.

Factors That Come into Play

  • The number of teeth that are missing
  • Extractions
  • If you require bone grafting
  • Underlying gum disease
  • Number of appointments involved
  • How many implants are needed
  • Type of implant procedure you’re choosing
  • Which fixed restorations you select

Does My Insurance Cover Dental Implant Costs?

Our Bridgeville, PA practice is happy to file claims on your behalf, helping you receive the added advantage of implant coverage that you’re entitled to. We work with most major dental insurance companies, making it easier to reduce your dental implant costs, as well as those of other services that we provide (including dental sedation!)

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A Smart Investment in Your Smile

Because implants are designed to last for life, they offer the best return on investment for our Bridgeville, PA patients. Schedule a consultation today to learn more!