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Dental Implant FAQ

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3 most common questions about dental implants

Our Top Dental Implant FAQs

Dental implants are the most ideal tooth replacement options and are one of the best long-term investments you can make in your smile if you are missing one or more teeth. To help our patients learn more about dental implants and their benefits, we have answered the top dental implant FAQs we hear in our Bridgeville, PA, office. These questions are simply a starting point, and we encourage all our patients considering dental implants to schedule a consultation with us. We will be able to assess your oral condition, provide treatment recommendations, and help you determine if dental implants are right for you.

Getting implants is typically more comfortable than most of our Bridgeville, PA patients expect! Plus, when you pair your treatment with our in-house IV sedation options, you can feel like you’re sleeping throughout the entire placement.

Implants can support the weight of multiple teeth. While a single implant is needed for individual tooth replacement, a full-arch implant supported denture may only require four implants total.

Implant costs vary from person to person. Some factors to consider are how many implants you need, if you’ll require bone grafting or dental extractions, and the type of restoration that goes on top of your new implant.

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Absolutely! Our Bridgeville, PA dentists are licensed sedation providers, so you can enjoy the highest level of comfort during your implant procedure.

Unlike traditional dental X-rays that provide a two-dimensional image of your mouth, CBCT allows us to see a 3D replica of your oral anatomy. This advantage makes it possible to perform less-invasive and more efficient implant placement.

If we are replacing damaged or infected teeth, we may be able to place your implants on the same day that your problematic tooth is extracted. Unless you’re getting a full-arch implant supported restoration, we prefer to leave your healthy teeth in tact rather than remove them.

A bone graft is needed if you’ve experienced bone shrinkage, following the loss of a tooth or due to gum disease. Because there needs to be enough healthy bone to support your new implant, a graft may be a key part of your treatment.

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Yes. We partner with trusted 3rd party lenders to provide options like 0% and low-interest financing plans. Discounts are also available.

Our financial coordinator will check your insurance policy to determine if dental implants fall under your included benefits, and how much of the fees are estimated to be covered.

It can take several months for the bone around your new implants to integrate with the restorations, but the actual recovery is quite short. Because implants set within the bone — which doesn’t have nerve endings — there’s little pain or discomfort.

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