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What can you expect with dental implants compared to other types of tooth replacement treatments?

Dental Implants: Placement to Completion

When it comes down to what to expect with dental implants, the process starts with seeing our Bridgeville, PA dentists for a consultation and exam. During your visit we’ll discuss your needs, concerns, and create an individualized care plan that outlines the overall process. This will include if additional services are necessary and the total number of appointments involved. Because quite a bit of planning is required, this appointment can be quite comprehensive.

What’s involved in the dental implant process?

  • Consultation and treatment planning
  • Digital scans and diagnostic images
  • Additional treatments, such as extractions or bone grafting
  • Placement of your implants
  • Restoration design and delivery

Planning for Additional Treatments

Ultimately, what to expect with dental implants will have a great deal depending on if you’re in need of additional supportive therapies, such as bone grafting, tooth extractions, or gum disease therapy. While some of these procedures can be performed at the same time as your implant placement, others may require a bit of time before your dental implants can be installed.

woman receiving sedation dentistry

It’s Easier Than You Think

In regard to your comfort and how “easy” your procedure is, what to expect with dental implants is simpler than you may have assumed. Our licensed IV sedation dentists make it possible to complete your implant treatment (as well as additional services) in one convenient visit. You’ll feel like you’re napping or dozing off as we do everything necessary to ensure you’re on your way to a healthier smile. When we install your implants, we’ll also make sure you have a prosthesis to wear as you heal, until you’re ready for a permanent crown, bridge, or denture. In some cases, your permanent restoration can be placed on the very same day. We’ll present your options in advance, so that you’ll know exactly what to expect with dental implants in our office.

Know What to Expect with Dental Implants

Schedule an exam with our Bridgeville, PA sedation dentists to learn more about how your implant treatment experience could be easier than you thought!